Lil’ Ripper

The Lil' Ripper is a 3D aerobatic beast.

The Lil' Ripper will do any 3D stunt you can throw at it but in low rates it can be a tame aerobatic sport flyer.

The kit is available in a standard or a lightweight version. The standard version is all 6mm foam and the lightweight version is built with 3mm foam for the fuselage and 6mm foam for the wings and tail surfaces.  The lightweight version is the preferred version but if your a builder that likes a stronger plane, then the standard version is for you.

Check out more info on my RcGroups thread.

The Lil' Ripper is designed with locking tab and slot construction for easy and accurate assembly.  The hinges are pre-beveled and the grooves for the carbon spars are milled out.


Wingspan: 31"
Length: 31.5"
Flying weight: 10 oz's (Lightweight version)  11-12 oz's (Standard version)

Recommended power setup (lightweight version):

Motor: 24 gram 1300kv "Blue wonder" type outrunner
Speed control: 15 amp
Battery: 3s 500-600 mah 20c lipo
Servos:  9 gram servo
Prop: 9x4.7 APC Slowfly style

Recommended power setup (standard version):

Motor: Park 370 style
Speed Control: 18-20 amp
Battery: 3s 800-1000mah 20c lipo
Servos: 9 gram servo
Prop: 9x4.7 APC Slowfly style

Kit Contents:

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Build instructions:

Lil Ripper instructions

*Orders outside of the US are available. Email me for shipping quotes.  Warning they are usually more than the kit itself.

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