Speedy plans


The specs:

Wingspan: 26″
Length: 21″
Flying weight: 10-11 oz’s (Normal 3s setup)

The Speedy is the plane I designed for the original “fastest foamy” competition on Rcgroups and came in 2nd place at 138 mph.

The speedy in a normal configuration will go 90-100 mph but if you go extreme like I did it will go 138mph.

The Speedy is designed with the motor out front and because of this the motor shaft on most motors will need to be reversed.  Some times a little modification with a dremel is required to achieve this or a different shaft will need to be installed.

Recommended power setup: (normal setup)

Motor: 3000-3500kv
Here are 2 I recommend but the shafts will need to be modified to flip them.
Turnigy 3400kv or Mystery 3000kv
Electronic speed control: 30 amp esc
Battery: 3s 1300mah lipo
Servos: 9 gram (2 req.)
Prop: 4.1×4.1 to 4.5×4.5 APC style prop

I have been able to get the Speedy up to 138mph using other power setups but it made the Speedy much heavier and is not recommended for novice pilots.  My thread on RCGroups.com  covers the other power setups I used to make it go faster.

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Speedy tiled standard paper   SpeedynontiledpicSpeedy tiled A4 paper   Instructions